Registration Information

Updated Monday January 26, 2015 by Golden Heart Softball Association.

GHSA is proud to announce that starting with the 2015 season, online payment will be accepted for your league fees. We've designed this process to be quick and painless on your end which helps expedite payments for the league to keep information accurate and up to date on our end.


Step 1: Create an Account
To register for any current or future GHSA seasons, you will need to create your own personal account with GHSA (or login to an existing account). Your account with GHSA will be saved for any future seasons you play with us, so new account creation is not required each season. To create a new account, visit the league homepage ( and click the green “Log In” button in the top right corner.  You will be prompted to enter your email address and password.  If you have not yet registered for an account, select the blue “Create a NEW Account” button just under the log in button.  Complete the following player registration in its entirety.  When finished, click the green “Create Your Account” button at the bottom.  Accept the user agreement, and select continue.  Your personal profile has now been completed.


Step 2: Sign Up For A League
Once you have created your individual profile, it’s now time to sign up for a league (Mens, Womens or Coed). Visit the GHSA website in your web browser address bar ( and select any of the “Register Now” buttons for player, coach or umpire registration.  For each, the process is the same.  Click Register Online from the large banner on the intro page of the GHSA league website.  Click the blue box for “Register as a PLAYER” (you may choose the other two options for coach and umpire registration).  Review player profile to make sure all info is up to date and accurate.  Click “Continue Registration” where you will be prompted to select a league for step 3.


Step 3: Choosing a League & Team
If you are new to GHSA, or want to be assigned to a team, simply choose “Looking For A Team” to be placed in the eligible player drafts to be held approximately one week before the season starts. Note: Choosing a team (or league level) is not required to be signed up for the upcoming season. If you know the desired league and level you wish to play in for the upcoming season, select that now from the options available.  Once selected, a list of available teams becomes available for you to choose.  If your desired team is listed, simply choose your team and click the “Continue Registration” box.  If your level is available, but your desired team is not listed, or you do not know what team to choose, select the “Looking For A Team” to be assigned to a team through the draft process or placed on a team as assigned by GHSA once your desired team becomes available through the coach registration process.


Step 4: Completing the Player Questionnaire
After selecting a desired league and team (or Looking for A Team), you will be prompted to complete the player questionnaire and review player discount codes.  If you wish to play both Mens/Womens and on a Coed team, please select “Both” from the drop down menu.  Make note of the discount codes for future registration of additional teams you play on for any single GHSA league season.  Click the “Continue Registration” button to be prompted to allow for any comments for the upcoming season such as possible teams, desired position, etc.  Note: You are not yet registered for the upcoming season until league fees have been paid.  Continue to step 5 to complete the player registration process.


Step 5: Paying League Fees
Once you have completed the questionnaire and comments portion, you will be brought to the registration checkout by selecting the “Continue to Checkout”  button.  Apply any discount codes at this time for multiple team registrations for an individual player for any single season.  Enter in your payment information via debit or credit card.  Click the “Register” button to complete the registration process.  You are now registered for the upcoming season with GHSA.


Individual Player Registration 1st Team: $120
Each Additional Individual Player Registration: $80
Team Sponsorship Fee: $450


To access your account at anytime to update information or to make a payment on your account, simply login through the GHSA website at anytime.  For further help with the registration process, contact any board member through the board member info page.  Good luck this season, and we’re glad you decided to play this summer.