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Updated Monday June 6, 2016 by Golden Heart Softball Association.

Golden Heart Softball Association is proud to present your board members. GHSA has a four member executive board staff, and a 5 person board of directors for a total of 9 voting positions. If you would like to get more information about being a board member, please contact Kat Copeland, Board President here.

Kat Copeland
Board President
Kat has been an active member of GHSA for over 12 years, and an active member on the State Board for over 5 years. Adult softball's longevity in Fairbanks is very important to Kat and being a part of an organization that brings a community of people together for good summer fun is fulfilling to her.

Phone: (907) 388-6993

Jake Theurich
Board Vice President
Jake has been involved with GHSA for several seasons as both a player and at large board member, this is his first year as board vice president.

Phone: (907) 590-0200

Jim Richardson
Board Treasurer
Jim was in the Hez Ray building and saw how badly it was deteriorating a few years back. Since then he has done his darndest to improve the facilities through the Treasurer position. When not playing softball, Jim is bicycling.

Phone: (907) 378-7783


Leigh Smith
Board Member
Leigh has been a member of GHSA since 2005, and currently plays Coed Open and Womens Comp. Her passion for the sport is strong on and off the field, and wants to contribute to making this association grow and thrive. She joined the board summer of 2013.

Phone: (907) 978-4928



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Candy Albin commented on April 28, 8:18pm
"The player rules and policies link doesn't work. I wanted to read the rules for bats that are allowed and not allowed for playing this season. Can someone post a list of bats that are NOT allowed? Thanks!"
Zachary Furness commented on May 2, 4:44pm
"The link is a dropdown list that connects to the pickup player policy and home run rule policy. At this time, there is not a link on our page for bats that are not allowed for the season. I will do some research and see if I can find that out."
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